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Patient Portal


Do you want to message your provider quickly? Or, renew your child’s prescription easily? Do this and more on your computer or smartphone using our Follow My Health (FMH) patient portal!

Call or visit our office to receive an invitation code for Follow My Health. Sign-up at: www.followmyhealth.com; or, download the Follow My Health app from the iTunes Store or Google Play.



Do you want to save time and complete your child’s developmental questionnaires before you come to the office? You will be able to answer these important questions in a few minutes, and have them reviewed by your provider before your visit, by using CHADIS on your computer or smartphone.

Sign up for CHADIS at: www.chadis.com. Click REGISTER in the Families and Teen section. Then, enter the invitation code, 4102841133, which is the DPA phone number. Just follow the directions to enroll.

Periodically, you will receive reminders from CHADIS when questionnaires need to be completed.   Just, click on LOGIN in the Families and Teen section, select the patient with the upcoming visit, and answer the questionnaire assigned to that patient. 








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