Sick Child Visits

We offer same day sick visits and telemedicine (video) visits by appointment Monday – Saturday.  Call and we will get you set up with one of our providers.  Also, the on-call provider is available when the office is not open to answer urgent questions and do an urgent telemedicine visit if needed.


What should you do when your child is sick? Children are magnets for illnesses and injuries. The very nature of these ailments is their unpredictability. One moment your child is playful and running around, and the next they are laying on your chest with a 104 degree fever. Have you ever gotten the dreaded call from daycare or school that your child feels ill and needs to be picked up early?

What constitutes an emergency? If your child is experiencing any of the following severe symptoms we recommend that you take them to the nearest emergency room or call 911:

  • Difficulty breathing (not just congestion)
  • Difficulty staying awake, extreme lethargy, or change in level of alertness
  • Extreme irritability or uncontrollable crying
  • Poor feeding with dehydration (resulting in a significant decrease in urination)
  • Significant injury (including concussions with loss of consciousness or visible bone deformities)
  • Severe pain that is not controlled by over-the-counter medication
  • A temperature >100.4 (rectally) in an infant less than 3 months of age

We recommend you take your child to a pediatric emergency room such as Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, St. Agnes, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Sinai, University of Maryland, Mercy.  Please note that Franklin Square Hospital does NOT have a pediatric emergency room.  We recommend PM Pediatrics if you need an Urgent Care Center.

Many parents (caregivers) will ask their friends and families for advice about their sick child. Others will Google their child’s symptoms. Not all advice is helpful but there is one website that we recommend called SYMPTOM CHECKER.

Generally, children with the following symptoms should be seen in our office:

  • Fever in an infant less than 6 months
  • Fever for > 3 days (any age)
  • Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • Rashes
  • Persistent pain (stomach pain, headache, ear pain, or sore throat)

We would rather you see us either virtually or in the  office, than go to an urgent care facility or the emergency room.